Primary Education

Thank you for showing an interest in our school, The Junior and Senior School. Our school has a long and rich history, dating back to the time towards the end of World War II, starting in Nicosia in 1944.

Since the school started over nearly 80 years ago, there have been many changes, including the number of students which now number at over 800 at the Junior School site.  However, many other things have not changed, such as our passion for education, our student centred approach and our drive for professionalism.

 Presently, the Junior School is divided into 3 departments:

  • Key Stage 1: Years 1 and 2
  • Lower Key Stage 2: Years 3 and 4
  • Upper Key Stage 2: Years 5 and 6

As well as myself as Headteacher, we have four Assistant Heads, each one leading one of the four departments.  The departments are further organised in parallel classes with mainly four classes to each year group; each year group is led by a Year Group Leader who additionally has the responsibility for one of the classes of the year group.

The class size is limited to 24 children from Year 1 through to Year 6. From Year 1 to Year 2, the class teacher is supported by a learning support assistant and from Year 3 to Year 6, class teachers share a learning support assistant. 

I would like to warmly invite you to visit our school.  Here you will see first hand the professional, passionate, dedicated staff who generally stay in the school for the entireness of their career, giving stability and experience to the organisation.  You will also find happy, well-balanced, high achieving students, educated by outstanding teachers, who have a real love for their school. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our school! 

Mrs Naomi Theocharides