The Junior and Senior Institute

We are delighted to announce that we are launching The Junior and Senior Institute on September 1, 2024.

With innovative educational programmes designed to cater to the unique needs and aspirations of our students, we present below its key features: 

  • Experienced and dedicated faculty committed to student success
  • Comprehensive and challenging curriculum aligned with academic standards
  • Specialized programmes to cater to diverse interests and talents
  • State-of-the-art facilities and resources to enhance the learning experience
  • A supportive and nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and exploration



Mainstream English Levels

Grade 1: English for Young Learners (Year 1 Primary School) Introduction to basic English vocabulary, greetings, and simple sentence structures. Focus on building listening and speaking skills through interactive activities, stories and songs.

Grade 2: Engaging English (Year 2 Primary School) Expanding vocabulary, introducing basic grammar rules, and developing reading skills. Emphasis on communication through dialogues, short stories, and simple writing exercises. Introduction to basic phonics.

Grade 3: Starters Cambridge Exam Prep (3rd Year Primary School) Preparation for the Cambridge Starters Exam. Focus on listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Introduction to grammar structures and vocabulary relevant to the exam. Interactive exercises and mock exams.

Grade 4: Movers Cambridge Exam Prep (4th Year Primary School) Preparation for the Cambridge Movers Exam. Building on foundational skills, expanding vocabulary, and enhancing reading comprehension. Practice with grammar structures and exam-style tasks to build confidence.

Grade 5: Flyers Cambridge Exam Prep (5th Year Primary School) Preparing for the Cambridge Flyers Exam. Developing more advanced vocabulary, reading, and writing skills. Enhanced grammar practice and exposure to various text types. Mock exams to simulate test conditions.

Grade 6: KET for Schools Cambridge Exam Prep (6th Year Primary School) Preparing for the KET for Schools Cambridge Exam. Strengthening grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills. Reading and writing exercises with a focus on exam tasks. Mock exams for assessment.

Grade 7: PET for Schools Cambridge Exam Prep (High School) Preparation for the PET for Schools Cambridge Exam. Advancing language skills with an emphasis on critical thinking. Complex grammar structures, extensive reading, listening and writing practice. Simulated exam experiences.

Grade 8: Pre-FCE Preparation (High School) Preparation for the FCE for Schools exam. Developing advanced language proficiency, including complex grammar, extensive vocabulary, and critical reading and writing skills. In-depth preparation for FCE tasks.

Grade 9: FCE for Schools Cambridge Exam Prep (High School) Preparing for the FCE for Schools Cambridge Exam. Focus on sophisticated language use, critical analysis, and advanced writing tasks. Mock exams and comprehensive review to build confidence for the exam.

Grade 10: IGCSE English as a Foreign Language (High School) Comprehensive preparation for the IGCSE English as a Foreign Language exam. Advanced language skills, including critical analysis, essay writing, and complex comprehension. Rigorous practice exams and personalized feedback.

FCE for Schools

The FCE for Schools is a globally recognized qualification embraced by over 20,000 companies. It serves as an excellent stepping stone for advanced exams like IGCSE and IELTS, offering a comprehensive assessment of language skills—Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. Notably, this challenging exam is a lifelong valid certification, emphasizing its enduring significance in showcasing linguistic proficiency.

IGCSE English as a Second Language

IGCSE English as a Second Language stands as a prestigious high school qualification, often paving the way for subsequent academic pursuits. This curriculum enhances language proficiency, emphasizing practical communication skills applicable in daily scenarios. Beyond immediate utility, it lays a solid foundation for more advanced language studies. Widely accepted by governmental bodies in Cyprus, the IGCSE qualification establishes a credible standard, recognizing a learner's competence in understanding and utilizing English effectively.

IELTS Academic

Numerous renowned universities in Europe and the USA mandate that international students undergo the IELTS test as a prerequisite for admission to undergraduate or postgraduate programs taught in English. Recognized globally, IELTS holds prestige, with over 135 countries and 9000 organizations acknowledging it as evidence of effective English communication skills. This rigorous exam offers an objective evaluation of language proficiency, opening doors to diverse job opportunities, thereby emphasizing its significance beyond academic admission requirements.

Native English Language Programme

Native English Language Programme Year 4

In our Year 4 Native English Language Programme, we delve into Grammar, Writing, and Reading skills to elevate your language proficiency. Through interactive lessons, we explore grammar intricacies, from parts of speech to punctuation rules. Creative writing tasks refine narrative abilities, while structured reading sessions enhance comprehension and critical thinking. Join us on this enriching journey, where you'll emerge with heightened grammar awareness, polished writing techniques, and a love for reading that will empower you throughout Year 4 and beyond.

Native English Language Programme Year 5

This dynamic programme is designed to cover a comprehensive range of grammatical structures, empowering students with a solid foundation. Through engaging activities, we aim to enhance diverse writing skills, encouraging creativity and effective communication. The journey continues with an exciting reading expedition, fostering extensive reading comprehension and stimulating discussions. By the end, students will not only master the intricacies of language, but also develop a profound love for expression and literature. This programme serves as a robust foundation, preparing students for a successful transition to high school.

Native English Language Programme 6

This comprehensive programme delves into advanced grammatical structures, providing students with a strong linguistic foundation. Engaging activities will further refine diverse writing skills, nurturing creativity and effective communication. Advanced grammatical exploration builds a strong foundation, while diverse writing exercises nurture creativity. An engaging reading journey enhances comprehension and sparks insightful discussions. This programme cultivates language mastery and fosters a profound love for expression and literature, laying a solid groundwork for high school challenges.


If you are interested in registering with us for the next Academic Year, please complete our online application form.

For any additional information and / or queries, please send an e-mail to or contact us at 99961315.