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BWB (Buddies Without Borders) Club

Our school's students have been given the unique opportunity of moderating their own club, the School's Buddies Without Borders Club, under the auspices of the Non-profit organisation: "Global Education Destinations". More specifically, students: Iliana (Year 9), Yushan (Year 12), Emily (Year 10), and Kristen (Year 12), have taken on the initiative to implement a 'local action' in their local or national community, sourcing inspiration from the United Nations' 17 Goals for Sustainable Development. 

 Our initiative within the Buddies Without Borders club has an aim of providing unique educational lectures to students from multicultural backgrounds in Cyprus, following the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (no. 4): Quality education. Our ultimate goal is to impact today’s youth in order to broaden their horizons so they too can play their part in our fight for change. This will be implemented through inviting inspiring and successful Cypriot individuals to address our peers through workshops about their own respective professional experiences. Whether these concern the role of women in stem, the nurturing of international peace, or the importance of being an active and responsible citizen, we are certain that they will positively influence the way we think and act when dealing with the challenges of today’s society.

 More specifically, following the international month celebrating women in STEM, our lectures will follow the spirit of female empowerment! 


    Iliana, BWB Club Moderator and Eva, BWB Club Member, (Year 9R), had the honour of interviewing Dr. Maria Terzi, an ex-Google Software Engineer, as well as CEO and Co-founder of Malloc, a Cypriot privacy start-up, who eloquently spoke about the role her start-up will play, in monitoring and preventing spyware from recording or transmitting data without a device user knowing, in especially complex scenarios. 

    Conversation flourished on the abundant applications of Artificial Intelligence or privacy software, while the role of women in technology was emphasized, with Dr. Terzi courageously sharing her own experience in the unfortunately male-dominated C.S. field.  Remarks were finally made on solutions that can be found to combat the lack of female recognition in STEM, not only by turning to law and legislature, but to the influences education initially instils within youth.

Watch the interview by clicking below! 

BWB LECTURE with Dr. Maria Terzi-20220223_103027-Meeting Recording.mp4

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