Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form 

The Sixth Form at the Senior School aims to create a vibrant community of active citizens and future leaders by enriching our students' lives. 

Here at The Senior School, we strive to ensure that our A-Level students leave as well-rounded, confident young adults who are prepared for ambitious futures and expect the best of both themselves and others. Thus, we offer a diverse curriculum along with various leadership programmes, exciting extra-curricular activities, excellent teaching and mentoring by caring staff and highly supportive preparation for university admissions. 

Students in the Sixth Form build memorable experiences.

Our Sixth Form provides opportunities for our students to flourish and reach their full potential both academically and personally.  Students are encouraged to become proactive, dynamic, and mature young adults that once they graduate are ready to embark on their future studies as well as the world beyond school. 

The Post-16 curriculum we offer at the Senior School is an academic one and comprises a wide variety of courses examined at AS and A Level. The majority of students select up to four A Level subjects in Year 12. None of these subjects are mandatory, students can choose usually according to their desired career path and as before there is a wide range of subjects to choose from. There are, however, two compulsory periods of PE and three compulsory PSHE periods. The Greek Civil Service Examinations are also available for interested students as well as the IELTs. Again, the examinations are provided for us by the Examination Boards in the UK and marked by them and the A Level results are published in August.