Secondary Education

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The Senior School is dedicated to delivering the best possible education and all-round development for every one of our young people with the primary aim of working consistently towards ensuring that each student receives individual support and guidance on their journey with us through Years 7 to 13.

Our commitment is to provide every young person with the tools and skills they will need in becoming resilient, responsible, independent learners and well qualified citizens in readiness for an unpredictable and challenging world.

We pride ourselves in cultivating a safe environment in which young people are able to develop a creative and innovative mindset along with opportunities to excel both academically and in terms of their personal and social development through a rigorous system of pastoral care.

Our staff have a genuine passion for education and are committed to offering the best possible care to the young people in their charge.

Along with a well equipped and resourced educational environment, we are also constantly looking forward and strive towards continued excellence in our educational provision.

We do hope you find the information herein of interest, but also are happy to welcome visitors to the school on appointment.

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Mr Yiannis Georgiou