Welcome to the Faculty of Science, where our future scientists take their first steps into the world of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology.

Here, our students are encouraged to be inquisitive, to question, formulate hypotheses, design experiments to test these hypotheses, and finally to evaluate their findings using their scientific knowledge and skills. Through this, we hope to instil in all our students, at all levels of study, an appreciation of the scientific method and an understanding of ‘How Science Works’ in our everyday lives. Many of the students at the Senior School will graduate with their AS/A2 qualifications in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology.

KS3 (Years 7 to 9)

At KS3 all of our students study General Science following the National Curriculum for England, adapted to meet our needs to develop enquiry-based learning and allow opportunities for STEM-based concepts & projects. Students begin their subject specific focus of the three main Science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) in their final year of KS3. 

Teaching objectives centre around the learning of theory related to the three main Science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, as well as the development of practical skills throughout the three years.  Scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding are developed as well as an understanding of the nature, processes and methods of Science through scientific enquiry to help answer questions about the world we live in.  Through enquiry-based learning, we hope that students will gain an appreciation for the uses and implications of Science for solving the problems of today as well as the problems of the future.

Science Trips and Events

The Faculty of Science at the Senior School is a dynamic Faculty, which offers a wide variety of trips and events aimed at instilling a passion for all things Science.

Some trips and events that the department has run in previous years include:

  • Year 7 trip to Akamas for Biology fieldwork
  • Year 8 'Science Daze' Science Fair
  • GCSE trip to the Satellite Control Centre for Physics
  • School wide Scientific Competition

Science Focus Week

This is a fun-filled educational week aimed at promoting Science learning and Science in the news. A variety of events, games and House competitions are held during the week to challenge students and increase House team spirit. Fund-raising forms an important part of the week, with all proceeds earned supporting our Science Park initiative. The week culminates with the Y8 Science Fair and the presentation of Year 7 Space Scene projects.

Collaborations with Local Universities on EU projects

Our Science teachers and students have embarked on several projects in collaboration with the University of Cyprus (MultiCo and more recently Schools as Living Labs or SALL) as well as Island Survivor Online gaming New Shores offered by the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) and The Cyprus Institute for participating in their island-wide ‘sCYence’ science fair. These have been wonderful opportunities for our students to see Science at work outside the school setting and what is involved in scientific research.