Scholarships are awarded to Year 6 applicants on merit and attract a fee remission of 20% of fees. All academic scholars will automatically be part of our Gifted and Talented Programme (GT) and will also be expected to inspire other students through their conduct and example as scholars. Every scholarship, award or concession is a discretionary privilege, subject to high standards of attendance, diligence and behaviour. Performance will be reviewed periodically and in the case of continued concern can be withdrawn.

In any given year the school will typically award five scholarships.

Academic Sursum Corda Scholarship

The Sursum Corda Scholarship is aimed at an academically high achieving ‘all rounder’ who has consistently demonstrated over their school career at The Junior and Senior School the qualities of teamwork, good conduct, service and consideration to others that we look for all in our students.

Academic Scholarships

The school awards two academic scholarships on the basis of the students' performance in an assessment, conducted in school.

The terms on which such awards are offered and accepted will be notified to the Parents at the time of offer. Any value attached to a scholarship will be deducted from fees before any bursary or other concession is calculated or assessed. A copy of the School's Bursary Policy is available from the School on written request.