Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE)

Sport and Health Sport is an integral and compulsory element of our curriculum throughout the School and our sports teams are becoming increasingly competitive in Pan Cyprian competitions. The timetabled Physical Education lessons are supported by a wide variety of sporting activities covered by the Afternoon Activities programme, many of which are included in the school fees. Success in sport helps the pupils to build their sense of fair play, resilience and determination, as well as encouraging a sense of teamwork. Aspects of health related to exercise and healthy eating are covered as part of the Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum at various stages during the pupils’ primary and secondary education.

Years 1 & 2 

In Years 1 and 2 our PSHE lessons are used to develop the Growth Mindset Philosophy.

Regularly planned lessons as well as regular class discussions focus on:

  • Relationships, e.g. developing confidence, knowing what to do Health & Well-Being, e.g. keeping safe and healthy, differences
  • Living in the wider world, e.g. learning about money, rights and responsibilities
  • Religious Education – Judaism and Christianity.
  • Weekly class meetings according to the Positive Discipline model.

Years 3 & 4

The main PSHE topics covered in Year 3 through their weekly PSHE lesson or during the Assembly are as follows:

  • Relationships – All About Me, Getting to Know You.
  • Friendship and Anti-Bullying - Supporting Friends and Other People.
  • Safe and Healthy.
  • Let’s Go Shopping – Understanding the Use of Money.
  • Valuing Differences and Keeping Safe.
  • Going For Goals.

The PSHE topics taught in Year 4 are the following:

  • Helping Others to Keep Safe
  • Growing Up
  • Work and Money
  • Taking More Control
  • The Environment.

Years 5 & 6

Some of the areas studied in PSHE in Year 5 include the following:

  • Being Strong
  • Friendship and Anti-Bullying
  • Changes at Puberty
  • Moving on With Confidence and Clarity
  • Let’s Make Money
  • The Media

The PSHE topics taught in Year 6 include the following:

  • Me and My Place in the World – Respecting Differences, Challenging Differences
  • Money in my Future
  • Relationships and Reproduction - healthy relationships and reproduction linked to puberty
  • Democracy and Government – Challenging others points of view and giving constructive feedback
  • Safe and Healthy in the Future
  • Celebrate the past and Welcome the Future
  • Religious Education – Hinduism