Pastoral Structure

Children love their school. They are taught ethics, principles, empathy.

- Parent

At The Junior and Senior School we are proud of our Pastoral system which emphasises relationships, well-being and personal development. 
Within the Senior School a dedicated Head of Year 7 ensures a smooth transition to the demands of secondary education and the Heads of Year, working alongside the Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher/Pastoral, continue to support and guide students to achieve their full potential whilst each child benefits from a personal form tutor. Mrs Marina Pittas our Inclusions Manager and Miss Artemis Theofanous our School Counsellor are also a valuable addition to the pastoral team, always ready to support and guide our students as well as sharing their invaluable experience and insights with the pastoral team and wider staff body.

Deputy Headteacher Pastoral and Designated Safeguarding Lead 

Ms Eithne-Raphael O’Riordan 

Assistant Headteacher 

Deputy Safeguarding Lead 

Mrs Anne-Marie Theodorou 

Head of Year 7 

Mrs Lysimach Vasiliou 

Head of Year 8 

Mrs Joanna Droushiotou 

Head of Year 9 

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Elena Andreou 

Head of Year 10 

Miss Katerina Ioannou 

Head of Year 11 

Dr Ioanna Skordi 

Head of Year 12 

Mr Guy Dean 

Head of Year 13 

Mrs Konstantina Varvatsoulis 

Head of Inclusions 

Mrs Marina Pittas 

School Counsellor 

Miss Artemis Theofanous