Pastoral Structure

Throughout the Senior School students are cared for and guided by pastoral leaders.

Our Deputy Head Pastoral coordinates the pastoral care throughout the Senior school and works closely with the Heads of Year and form tutors to ensure that all students are known and valued as individuals and that their social and emotional health is monitored and supported.

There is a designated Head of Year 7 who is responsible for the welfare and progress of students in their first year of secondary education. In Years 8 and 9 students are guided and monitored by the Heads of Year.

Children love their school. They are taught ethics, principles, empathy.

- Parent

We have a Head of Key Stage 4 who supports our Year 10 and 11 through their GCSE years and our Sixth form is managed and supported by our Head of Sixth form and our Aassistant Head of Sixth form.

Our Heads of Year can be contacted for pastoral support by email by clicking on their names below:


Head of Year

7 Ms Vasiliou
8 Mrs Savva
9 Ms Andreou
Years 10 and 11 Ms Theodorou
Year 12 Ms Varvatsoulis (Assistant Head of Sixth form)
Year 13 Ms O'Riordan (Head of Sixth form)