Parent Associations

One of the best things about our school is our warm and supportive community. Parents are involved in our schools in organisations such as the PTA, organising and staging events which bring together the whole school for the entertainment and enjoyment of all. When the events create a profit, the extra funds are directed to non-curriculum extras or contribute towards the upgrading of the school’s equipment or facilities.

The Junior and Senior School PTAs have been very active over the years as successful associations with the simple goal of encouraging teamwork, promoting parent and teacher involvement in the school community and making the School an even better place for our children. The more parents/guardians work on behalf of their children and teachers, the better experience their children's education will be, and the more they will help form a coherent and integrated community.

In accordance with the Private Schools Legislation of 2019, the Parent Association at our secondary school is being reconfigured and more information on the organisation will soon be available on this website

The School is grateful to the PTA for the recent installation of the new playground equipment, below, which has proved very popular with the children!