Governors' Roles and Responsibilities

Please find below the composition of the Board and the roles and responsibilities each member will be fulfilling this year 2021-22.

The articles of the constitution call for three standing committees: the Finance Committee (FC), the Junior School Committee (JSC) and the Senior School Committee (SSC). 

Ad hoc committees will be created throughout the year as deemed necessary for the governance of the School.

Governor Position School FC JSC SSC
Angela Vidmar Chairwoman Senior ex officio participation in all committees with no voting rights
Tanya Zayat Christodoulides Deputy Chair Junior   Chair  
Jacovos Christofides Secretary Senior Deputy Chair    
Charoulla Neocleous Treasurer Both Chair    
Nedie Antoniades Vice Secretary Senior   Deputy Chair  
Georgia Apeyitou Member Junior   Member  
Elena Kyriakides Member Senior     Chair
Petros Liasis Member Junior Member    
Yioula Melanthiou Member Junior     Deputy Chair
Tina Pavlou Member Senior     Member
Constantis Candounas - 11th Member Member   Member Member Member