Financial Education

All students in Year 13 follow a course in Financial Education as part of the common core for their Apolyterion. The course is compulsory and covers all topics of Financial Education in order for the students to acquire, in time, sufficient knowledge of financial concepts and skills in relation to the management of their personal income. This is the first compulsory Financial Education course taught in Secondary Education in Cyprus. The Financial Education course for secondary education was developed by the University of Cyprus and adapted by The Junior & Senior School for the needs of its students.

The Financial Education course, at secondary education level, will cover in detail the following topics:

  • Personal Financial Planning and Career Options.
  • Interest Rates, Inflation and Money Management.
  • Consumption.
  • Consumer Lending.
  • Mortgage, Insurance.
  • Investment, Retirement.
  • Risk & Yield.
  • Biases in consumer finance.

With the development of the Financial Education course, students are expected to:

  • Become acquainted with the time value of money, compound interest, inflation, risk, diversification.
  • Understand the multiple dimensions of personal financing: education, career planning, money management, credit, taxes, insurance, retirement.
  • Learn how to manage their personal finances: savings and payment accounts, consumer credit and loans.
  • Learn how to make important purchasing decisions: purchasing strategies, consumer protection, credit costs, car buying, home buying.