The Main Building: originally built in 1954, the building that most casual passers-by think of as ‘The building with the Arch’, has recently been renovated to a high specification.  The completed building includes fourteen classrooms, each around 60m2, with air conditioning, good natural light, wooden floors and a high quality of finish.  Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard, which were initially provided by our PTA.  There are several ‘rechargeable trolleys’ with laplets available for the children to use to support their learning.  Specialist facilities include a multipurpose hall and performance space, specialist teaching areas for learning support, the administrative areas and a large and well-equipped library.


The Junior School Library: The Junior School Library is well stocked with over 23,000 books ranging from nursery age to 11+ and is open from 7am to 1.30 pm daily. Our aim is to encourage and nurture reading in all age groups and to develop a passion for books in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The KS1 area has a wide choice of wonderful fiction and non-fiction books in English and Greek with simple text and colourful pictures. The KS2 area is also divided into English and Greek fiction and non-fiction sections, as well as the reading scheme for Years 2/3 and above. Pupils are welcome to change their books before and after school, in addition to their weekly lesson.


KS1 Library: The KS1 section of the library uses colour-coded labels to help the pupils locate books, which they quickly become familiar with. All classes have a weekly lesson during which time they return and select their new books, and then have stories read to them by the librarian, or perhaps a DVD storybook.


KS2 Library: KS2 fiction books are given a YF-Young Fiction, JF-Junior Fiction, or SF-Senior Fiction rating. Young fiction books are suitable for Years 2 and above and are easy-reader level. Junior Fiction is suitable for Years 3 and above and Senior Fiction is only for Years 5 and 6.  The same system is used in the Greek section and children are encouraged to take both Greek and English books home each week.  The library has a large selection of classic stories as well as the more popular fictional titles. We have an extensive non-fiction section with a wide range of topics using the Dewey number system. Pupils are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the Dewey system as it is used throughout the world in public and university libraries. Books can be reserved with the librarian and pupils can search the library database. During their weekly lesson, once books have been returned and issued, the librarian will usually read a story, newspapers, or magazines with the class, which often leads to some lively discussion! No-one is ever too old to listen to a story! Year 6 pupils also have the opportunity to become Junior Librarians each year.


The Annex: built in the early 1960s, the original annex was recently demolished and a completely new annex was completed in September 2015.  The annex faces the sports fields and forestry land and across three floors it houses 24 classrooms, a staffroom, a nurse’s station and a basement that includes an additional hall, two dedicated music rooms, offices and a fully equipped computer lab. Every classroom has an interactive whiteboard, heating, cooling and air circulation. The annex is also equipped with a lift to enable disabled access and a toilet for the disabled. Younger children have classrooms on the ground floor, which include ensuite toilets and an enclosed shaded play area outside.