Extra-Curricular Activities

The school aims at creating all-rounders: students who excel in academics but are also involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

There are extensive opportunities at both primary and secondary levels: the Afternoon Activities programme begins after the end of the school teaching day and offers a comprehensive range of artistic, dramatic, musical and sporting activities as well as many other possibilities to suit all interests, such as chess and learning a new language. The school’s choirs and orchestras organise annual concerts, and there is a musical production every year alternating between the Junior and Senior age groups, allowing students to experience performing, devising, composing as well as the technical supporting roles of theatre and concerts. Other activities at the Senior School include the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, fencing, lifesaving, public speaking, the Junior Achievement programme and many more.

Sport and Health

Sport is an integral and compulsory element of our curriculum throughout the School and our sports teams are becoming increasingly competitive in Pan Cyprian competitions. The timetabled Physical Education lessons are supported by a wide variety of sporting activities covered by the Afternoon Activities programme, many of which are included in the school fees. Success in sport helps the pupils to build their sense of fair play, resilience and determination, as well as encouraging a sense of teamwork. Aspects of health related to exercise and healthy eating are covered as part of the Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum at various stages during the pupils’ primary and secondary education.

Excursions and Visits

The school aspires to educate the global leaders of the future in an environment that endeavours to challenge and support them, offering different educational and other experiences both in Cyprus and overseas. School trips are often organised locally and abroad, complementing the curriculum and allowing students to gain fresh cultural insights and remarkable learning experiences that they cherish for years to come; recent trips included visits to New York, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Prague and Greece.