Examination Results and University Destinations

We are proud of everything our students achieve, from excellent examination results to achieving exceptional and inspiring personal goals.

Five Year Comparison of A level results by subject

Five Year Comparison of GCSE results by subject

Highlights of the Public Examination Results 2021:

A level

A* - 34%    

A*/A - 62%    

A*-B - 79%    

A*- C - 89%    

A number of candidates achieved very highly with six students being awarded straight A* grades and a further seventeen achieving A* and A grades out of an examination cohort of fifty-four.  These are impressive grades indeed that have opened the doors to a range of highly ranked universities and competitive courses across the UK, Europe and the US.

AS Level

A - 67% (there is no A* at AS level)

A - B - 80%

A - C - 90%

Twenty-nine students achieved straight A grades in their AS examinations.  The students who completed their EPQ in Year 12 should also be congratulated as 66.7% achieved a grade of A* or A.


As there were a mix of letter and number grades the following conversions have been used to compare across all subjects: A*=9/8 (i.e. a ‘high/lower’ A*; A=7; B=6; C=5/4)

Year 11 results

9 - 32%

8-9 - 50%

7-9 - 73%

4-9 - 97%

A number of candidates achieved very highly with two students getting straight grade 9s and a further thirty-one students achieving an average grade between 8 and 9, which is equivalent to thirty-three students getting an average grade of A* in their GCSE examinations.

Year 10 accelerated Mathematics results

Twenty Year 10 students sat their Mathematics IGCSE at the end of Year 10 as a Teacher Assessed Grade.  All scored 7 and above, with 45% achieving a 9.