Community Service

The pupils have an active interest in current global issues and contribute to the lives of others through charity work which is often initiated by pupils.

ISI Report 2019

The Junior and Senior School’s mission statement states that we want our students to become ‘healthy members of the global community, who continue to learn and contribute to a better world for all’.

We believe that active service and involvement in charity work build a sense of care and offer opportunities to our students to make positive contributions to their local community along with avenues to interact on a more global scale. Much of this involvement is initiated by students themselves. We are then proud of initiatives such as our Buddies Without Borders club, which is committed to making meaningful change for a better world. Indeed, we are especially proud that our students right across the School from Pre-primary and Primary through to Secondary are nurtured to become active citizens who regularly will involve themselves in raising funds for worthy causes as well as raising awareness on issues related to a whole range of volunteer and charity organisations.

In addition, the Student Council often works closely with institutions such as the Cyprus Red Cross, launching such collection campaigns as those related to the Easter food collection whereby they sort, pack and deliver for needy families in Cyprus.

The Student Councils in both Primary and Secondary continue to explore ways to collaborate and to raise awareness on such areas as social and climate-related issues, as well as to improve the quality of life in local communities. These initiatives build leadership and a sense of responsibility and care for a better world for all.