Carnegie’s Schools Mental Health Award


The Junior & Senior School’s achievements in supporting the whole school community’s mental health, have been acknowledged with the prestigious Carnegie’s Schools Mental Health Award. The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools has developed the School Mental Health Award to give schools a framework for mental health development. This award, supports schools to improve the health and wellbeing of their pupils and staff, improve outcomes for pupils and improve the recruitment and retention of staff across all areas of the school. The School Mental Health Award is also an assessment tool to evaluate current practices and initiatives within schools and give structure to the development plan for improvements in mental health.

A working party including management, school psychologists, HR, SENCO and staff, have worked hard for one year improving practices, organising training, disseminating information, collecting evidence and making sure that Mental Health is on the agenda of every weekly meeting in order to be able to qualify for this prestigious and demanding award.

The eight competencies that are covered in the award are:

• Leadership and strategy

• Organisational structure and culture – staff

• Organisational structure and culture – pupils

• Support for staff

• Professional development and learning

• Support for pupils

• Working with parents and carers

• Working with external services

The Junior & Senior School provides a wide range of activities to boost the wellbeing of pupils and staff, including mindfulness sessions for students, peer mentoring, mindfulness room and training for staff and the positive discipline philosophy. A focal point of the school’s mental health and wellbeing provision is an openness to discuss Mental Health and to provide students and staff with resilience and support.

Good mental health and wellbeing in schools can best be realised through a whole school positive culture alongside specific, targeted actions and practices. Evidence shows that education and health are closely linked. Promoting the health and wellbeing of pupils and staff has the potential to improve their educational, health, and wellbeing outcomes. At The Junior & Senior School, this is a fundamental focus and commitment.