In addition to our programme of A Level study, all our students in their final year of education will be working towards their Apolytirion qualification in Y13. Following Ministry instructions we are offering an updated and enhanced qualification with at least three A Levels and, as of September 2021 three common core subjects, each assessed through internal school assessments taking place throughout the school year.  Following discussions with the Ministry of Education towards the end of last academic year we have made some revisions to this programme that will enhance the academic rigour of this examination and give our students even more of an advantage in the future.

The changes relate to the common core subjects and to this end we will be incorporating our programme in Financial Education, an exciting project that we have been working on in collaboration with the University of Cyprus and the CFA Society as well as introducing a standalone AS Level in general English.  These programmes will take place during the school day and will be mandatory for all students. The third common core subject will be PE, which will also take place during the school day except for those students taking a subject in block D who will have their PE session after school on Wednesdays. The common core programme has been designed to allow students to be successful without adding greatly to their workload, allowing them to concentrate on their A Level studies whilst gaining from the experience of the common core subjects.

The Financial Education programme has been developed to ensure that students develop the skills needed to be confident in their personal financial decision-making, supporting our students in their ability to cope successfully with life after school.

The General English AS qualification (examined by Cambridge International Examination Board) will cover a range of topics of general interest to the students. The examination consists of two papers, one involves writing a short essay, choosing one from a range of 10 possible questions drawn from three broad subject areas: economic, historical, moral, political and social; science (including its history, philosophy, ethics, general principles and applications), environmental issues, technology and mathematics; literature, language, the arts & crafts, and the media. The second is a reading comprehension paper. The range of topics for both papers is a wide one, enabling students to choose areas of interest from their A Level studies.

In both the Financial Education and General English there is no need for any previous knowledge.