About Us

School Mission & Aims:

The school aims to provide for its pupils an excellent, innovative and creative education that enables them to realise their full potential and to enjoy a fulfilled life as confident, compassionate and healthy members of the global community who continue to learn, and contribute to a better world for all.

The Junior and Senior School offers top-class facilities in two sites, operating in beautiful grounds with modern, state-of-the-art facilities fit for 21st century learning, including well-equipped classrooms, sports grounds and recreational areas as well as, at the Senior School site, science laboratories, drama and music studios and a swimming pool.

The Junior and Senior School is an all through school that follows the National Curriculum for England with a continuum of education from Early Years through to the Sixth Form for children aged 3-19. Over 800 children attend the long-established Junior School and nearly 600 the rapidly expanding Senior School, which can also be joined by students from Greek and other primary schools in Year 7 (equivalent to the first year of gymnasium). The medium of communication in our school is the English Language and therefore all our students graduate fully proficient in speaking, listening, reading and writing in English.

Having the same ethos throughout and the Principal’s oversight across the two sites of the school provides a unique opportunity to acquire an English National Curriculum education in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. Graduates leave with IGCSEs and A Levels as well as a Cyprus Ministry of Education acknowledged secondary school-leaving certificate (Apolytirion) consisting of internal and external assessments, enhancing the qualification package offered.  The school has high academic standards and its external results show evidence of very positive added value and regular success in external examinations. We pride ourselves on student progress and regularly monitor student achievement, intervening where necessary to promote academic achievement. Such high achievement allows students to regularly access prestigious universities in the UK and worldwide including the USA, the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe.