Congratulations to our High Achievers!

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We are proud to report that a large number of our graduates have obtained outstanding grades at A Level and are able to pursue the courses at the universities of their choice. These students were successful in gaining 3 or 4 A/A* grades. We congratulate them and their teachers for these impressive results!

Below are the names of our high achieving A Level students:

1. Maria Costea

2. Eleni Francessca Kyriacou

3. Haiqing Lu

4. Yushan Zhu

5. Nadine Al Asmar

6. Theodora Galazi

7. Suzannah Galea

8. Francesca Kaccoufa

9. Myrto Koukkides

10. Irina Kushnereva

11. Elena Kuzie

12. Jingwen Li

13. Danae Panayiotou

14. Christina Theodotou

15. Christos Theodorides

16. Josephina Pastella

17. Houseyin Selim

18. Evie Bridger

19. Ruiyu Chen

20. Stefanos Vouniotis

Yushan (Helen) Zhu
Straight A*
Eleni Francessca Kyriakou Straight A*
Maria Costea
Straight A*









Houseyin Selim
3 or 4 A/A*
Christos Theodorides
3 or 4 A/A*
Christina Theodotou
​​​​​3 or 4 A/A*










Danae Panayitou
3 or 4 A/A*
Jingwen Li
3 or 4 A/A*
Nadine Al Asmar
3 or 4 A/A*










Elena Kuzie
3 or 4 A/A*
Stefanos Vouniotis
3 or 4 A/A*