Euromath Euroscience 2023 Student Conference Competition

Our school’s participation in the 2023 Euromath/Euroscience Student Conference/Competition in Krakow-Poland, was deemed as a great success!

Stephanos from Year 9 won 1st prize in the Euromath Presentation Competition and Roman, also from Year 9, won 3rd prize in the Euroscience Presentation Competition!!

Our team consisted of two Mathematics Teachers and ten students from Years 7 to 10, all of whom proved to us and themselves that they can try their best and amaze us in the process.

They have all returned full of experiences and newly acquired skills.

The School’s participation in the Euromath/Euroscience Student Conference/Competition was organized by the Mathematics Department and was also supported by the Science Department.

Well done Team Euromath!! Well done Raphael, Marian, Stephanie, Nicolina, Michali, Stephane, Roman, Simona, Lolly and Alexander! They made us extremely proud!