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Year 6 Routines & Expectations


Year 6 is a busy and very important year where pupils are expected to have become more mature and more responsible for the organization of their daily routines. Teaching staff in turn, are nurturing and empathize with the challenges pupils of this age face. During the year, Year 6 pupils will continue to build on the ‘life skills’ required, for a happy and prosperous future, through the growing number of responsibilities and opportunities they are given.

Pupils are expected to arrive in school and be ready to start learning, in their classrooms, at 7.40am. They should have prepared themselves for the school day by completing homework and having the necessary equipment available to them.

Our day is energetic and pupils should ensure that they have a snack, lunch if necessary and a large water bottle available to them at all times.

The Daily Planner and Reading Diary

As in the lower Key Stage 2 classes, the Daily Planner acts as a diary and ensures continuity between home and school. Pupils are expected to record their homework and relevant pieces of information which, needs to be noted or passed onto parents or carers. This book should be checked daily and signed every Thursday ready for the class teacher to check each Friday. This also serves as a means of communication between school and home if we need to be informed of any matters arising.

In addition to the Daily Planner, the Reading Diary ensures that pupils are reading daily, both at home and at school. These should be updated as regularly as need be and will be checked at school.


Year 6 pupils are now at the very top of the school, where it is important for them to set an example to the pupils in the lower Year groups. It is essential that they behave and conduct themselves in a manner which is caring and polite towards their peers and younger children. They are expected to be good role models. They should be dressed in the appropriate school uniform as stated in the Daily Planner and should carry out all duties given to them enthusiastically and responsibly. They must also abide by the School and Class Rules and the School Contract as stated in the Daily Planner.

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