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Year 5 Trips

In Year 5 there are two main educational trips. The first trip is an outing that takes us to Old Nicosia to find physical evidence of what was happening in Cyprus 500 years ago. We try to find evidence of the Venetians, the Lusignans and the Ottomans. We realise that history is all around us when we view our everyday surroundings through the eyes of historians.

Our second trip is a science based trip where the children have the opportunity to experience ‘hands on’ science concepts linked with our units ‘properties and changes of materials’ and ‘forces.’  In addition, the Year 5s have the chance to visit our Senior School Science fair, where the Year 8 students display their scientific investigations and attempt to prove their hypotheses.

The school year ends with a trip to a swimming pool to help us cool down in the hot month of June.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it