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Year 5 Home Learning

Homework is important for reinforcing work done during the school day. Children should complete written tasks independently, so that we, as teachers, are aware of any difficulties encountered. This homework is due in the following day and should take no more than one hour to complete. Deadlines will be given for Topic project work.

Twenty minutes of reading should also be completed daily. The children will need to have a reading book with them in school as this will be needed every day.

Please ensure that ALL homework is completed to a high standard and that the different kinds of homework are all given equal importance. Homework is an important part of your child’s schoolwork. By Year 5 it is important that your child has established a good homework routine.

Please try to encourage your child to be as independent as possible when doing their homework. This does not mean that you cannot help, however, by Year 5 children should be able to work alone seeking help or support as necessary. If they do not understand a task or are confused please write a note to their class teacher or Greek teacher who will go over the task with your child in school.

It is very important that all homework is completed as fully as possible and is handed in on time:

All homework is written daily on the whiteboard. It is your child’s responsibility to write down their homework in full and neatly in their daily planner, making a note of any deadlines that need to be met.

Any problems with homework should be drawn to the class teacher’s attention immediately via the daily planner.

To help your child please ensure that:

  • They have somewhere quiet where they can work without distraction. Please be aware that not all children will want to work in a room away from the rest of the family, however, it is important that they do have a space that is clear and quiet without distractions.
  • They have time to complete all of their homework fully and are not rushed. Children in Year 5 may need to take breaks whilst doing their homework. Encourage them to organize their time efficiently.
  • A regular time when homework should be completed is established.
  • They are aware that you regard their homework as being an important part of their schoolwork and a task to be completed to the best of their ability. Encourage your child to achieve a high standard in their handwriting and general presentation of their work.
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