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Year 4 Routines & Expectations

School Day

The school day begins at 7:50am promptly and ends at 1:10 pm. Children have the opportunity to undertake afternoon activities.

Children have a varied and exciting range of activities to choose from and participate in.

On the afternoons when your child has an activity they should bring an extra snack for the break between 1:10 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.


Children arriving after 8:00 a.m. will be marked in the register as late. If they arrive at school after this time, they should first visit the office to be marked in the register before going to their classroom.
Please help your child by ensuring that they arrive at school in time to enter their classroom at 7:50 a.m. promptly.


Year 4 children can visit the library both before and after school and during break times to change their books.

Children are encouraged to choose their own reading material from the library or home. It is important that they find material that is both at their level and that they enjoy.

Whilst every opportunity is taken within the school day for your child to further their reading, children also need to continue to be given time for reading at home.

Please take time to discuss the books that your child is reading and value all reading.


  • Please get your child to pack his/her bag in the evening, checking that P.E. Kit, recorders and all other necessary equipment are included if necessary
  • All school books should be kept in school and only be taken home when needed for homework
  • Our aim this year is to make children independent so please support us by dropping off your child at the school gate

Every day they need to bring:

  • Their folder with their reading book and reading diary;
  • Another folder with their homework;
  • Their Daily Planner.

Daily Planner

The Daily Planner is a very important means of communication between home and school.

In Year 4 children are encouraged to be independent and responsible in the use of their daily planner. They are expected to write down their homework clearly, and in full, everyday, making a note of when it is due in.

They should, without prompting, show any notes to parents and teachers on the earliest occasion.

The Daily Planner is also a means of communication between you and your child’s class teacher and vice versa. There is a space provided on each weekly page for you to write down any concerns, requests for appointments or intentions to miss lessons or activities.

Please encourage your child to use their Daily Planner conscientiously.

The Daily Planner should also be signed weekly by a parent. It is the child’s responsibility to ensure that they have asked you, their parents, to sign their Daily Planner


It is important that every child has the following equipment every day.

Items necessary for each child to have in his/her pencil case

  • Several good quality, sharpened HB pencils
  • A set of coloured pencils
  • A pencil sharpener
  • An eraser
  • Two pens (black or blue)
  • A glue stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • A set of highlighters in pink, blue, yellow and green

Other necessary items

  • Set squares (45,45,90 and 30,60,90)
  • Clear plastic wallet for homework sheets

School Uniform

School uniform for Key Stage 2 is listed in the Daily Planner.

Girls’ hair should be tied back in brown, black or green hair bands. Boys’ hair should not be touching and any hair below collar length needs to be tied back.

Please help your child ensure that they are appropriately dressed in their uniform and most importantly that all uniform (and PE kit) is clearly labelled.

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