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Year 4 Assessment & Reporting

Teachers assess pupils’ work in several ways. Informal assessment is made when marking or in discussion with pupils on a daily basis. This helps the teacher to plan work which will meet the needs of pupils. More formal assessment is also made during the year in Reading, Writing, Grammar and Mathematics to check progress.

Children will also be tested weekly on their spellings.

Advance warning of these assessments will be given as deemed necessary by the class teacher.

End of Year Assessments

Year 4 children undertake the end of year assessments for Literacy and Numeracy in May. The results for these assessments are recorded on your child’s end of year report and enable you to see how your child is progressing from one year to the next.

The objective of the test is to assess your child’s understanding of the work undertaken in Year 4 and their ability to meet the assessment criteria.


Two reports will be given out during the academic year.

First report will be given in the Spring term and a final report during the Summer term.

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