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Year 3 Routines & Expectations

The school day begins at 7.45am. Once the whistle is blown pupils line up and the class teacher leads them into class. Pupils are expected to hand in homework, be ready for registration and generally prepare themselves for the start of lessons. These first few moments at the start of the day play an important part in developing personal organisation so it is essential that your child arrives on time before the whistle is blown. Learning to become focussed and organised are important life skills which we heavily promote in Year Three.

The school day ends at 1.10pm. Parents are expected to wait in the school playground to collect their child/ren.

Each pupil should bring a snack and bottle of water to school, otherwise orders can be made at the school canteen. If your child is attending an afternoon activity from 1.30pm – 2.25pm you may wish to supply an extra snack or order lunch from the canteen for your child to eat before the activity begins.

Every day pupils should bring to school:

  • Their folder with their reading book and Reading Contact Book.
  • Another folder with their homework (sheets and books). Homework is handed in every day or when assignments are due. Homework must be placed in the trays assigned in the classroom, first thing in the morning.
  • Their Daily Planner where the children write their homework and messages are recorded by parents and teachers as a means of communication.

There are two PE lessons every week and your child’s timetable, which is sent home on the first day of school, will inform you when these are. Please make sure that the children are dressed in their PE kits from the morning. If the children have a sports based afternoon activity and do not have a PE lesson in the morning, they will need to bring their PE kit and change during the break between 1:10pm and 1:30 pm. Please make sure all uniform items are labeled with your child’s name in order to avoid them being lost.

Your child’s timetable will also indicate when your child needs to bring their recorder and music file to School, or their library book to change it.

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