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Year 2 Assessment & Reporting


The teacher carries out teacher assessments on a daily basis as she listens to each child read. The teacher records the reading level that the child is at and when the teacher feels the child is ready, she moves them onto the next level.

Spelling tests are carried out on a weekly basis.

Written work is continually assessed by the teacher when the work is marked. Areas of weaknesses are identified and targets are given to the children in order to help them focus on what is needed in the next step of their learning.

Reading comprehension tests are carried out twice a year, leading up to the formal SATs in May.


Daily teacher assessment is carried out when the lesson is taught; either during the mental oral starter or when the main activity is being completed. The teacher is then able to focus on the child’s needs.

Half termly Mathematics tests are also given and results are sent home to the parents.

Every Friday is ‘Big Friday’. The children have a ‘Big Maths Learn Its’ test which tests their recall of the 40 Big Maths facts in 90 seconds. They also have a CLIC test which tests their knowledge on different areas of Maths.

Samples of the Big Maths and CLIC tests can be viewed on the Big Maths webpage on

End of Year SAT Tests

 At the end of Year Two, the pupils take the English National Curriculum tests (SATS). The children are tested in

  • reading comprehension,
  • writing,
  • grammar, spelling and punctuation (as from May 2016)
  • Numeracy

Class teachers mark the tests and a national curriculum level is given. The children work within the range levels 1-3 with the expectation that the majority of pupils attain level 2A.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it