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Year 1 Assessment & Reporting

All children in Year One are regularly assessed to ensure that progress is made and that teaching is accurately pitched.

Assessments are ongoing, from hearing the children read, marking written work or observing practical activities.

The children are assessed in Numeracy at the end of each term and sometimes half termly.

 Phonic screening check

The children in Year One will be completing a phonic screening check, at the end of the year. This a short simple assessment to make sure that all pupils have learned phonic decoding to an appropriate standard by the end of year 1.
The phonics check helps teachers identify the children who may need continued help to support and improve their individual reading skills.
The check comprises of a list of 40 words (treasure) and non-words (trash) which the children read one-to-one with a teacher.

We have two Parents Evenings; One in the Autumn term and the other in the Spring Term. Parents Evenings provide a formal and confidential consultation where your child’s progress and developments are discussed in detail. If parents wish to see teachers at other times, appointments can always be made through the ‘Daily Planner’.

A written report of your child’s progress is sent out in the Autumn Term and in the Summer Term.

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