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What the Governors do

The Board of Governors has the general responsibility for the conduct of the school with a view to promoting high standards of educational achievement, ensuring effective school management and organisation and safeguarding that everything is done and everyone is operating to common, agreed aims and objectives. We aim to work with the Principal to set the vision and strategic direction of the school, for the educational and organisational performance of the school through supporting and critically questioning of the Leadership Team as well as ensuring the best use is made of the school’s financial resources. This happens on Board level, as well as in our committees. The 2020-2021 Board of Governance will have the two permanent committees: the Junior School Committee (JSC), the Senior School Committee (SSC) and, in addition, the Finance Committee (FC).  Two further ad-hoc committees will be operating, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) and the Sports Committee (SC). All committees deliberate and present their suggestions to the whole Board, which examines and decides whether to approve or not the recommendations made.

The Junior School Committee and the Senior School Committee

The Junior and the Senior School Committees review all matters pertaining to the school’s primary and secondary education provisions in relation to academic and administrative matters respectively. The committees are monitoring and evaluating the school’s overall improvement, student progress and attainment, curriculum related policies and standards, target setting and extended services provision.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee deals with all financial aspects of the school, including budget setting, approval, planning and monitoring, as well as other matters like health and safety, safeguarding, premises maintenance, performance management and pay reviews.

Strategic Planning Committee

The committee aims at the development of effective approaches to long-term planning of the school academic and administrative functions. It plays a leadership role in suggesting long-range planning goals and keeps all school system stakeholders involved and informed.    

Sports Committee

The committee supports and promotes participation and the pursuit of high standards across all sports, focusing on taking advantage of our grounds in a way that will support this goal. 

1Elena KyriakidesChairpersonSS******
2Tina PavlouVice ChairpersonJS&SSSSCSSCSC
3Angela VidmarTreasurerSSFCFCSPC
4Akis ChristofidesSecretarySSSSCSPC
5Nedie AntoniadesVice SecretaryJS&SSJSCSPC
6Andreas ConstantinidesMemberSSFC
7Tanya ChristodoulidesMemberJSJSCJSCSC
8Charoula NeocleousMemberJSJSC
9Yioula MelanthiouMemberJSSSCSPC
10Pascal HaggeMemberJSFCSPC
11Constantis CantounasMember**************

* ex officio participation in all committees without voting rights

** Non-company member, welcome to attend any meeting

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