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Subjects JS Maths KS2


In Key Stage Two, Numeracy (Mathematics) is led by Colin Evans

For the academic year 2016-17, The Junior School is using the 2014 Primary National Curriculum for Mathematics.  The teaching of Mathematics is done through Big Maths whereby the pupils receive daily practice in core number skills.  Big Maths not only allows learning to be visual and fun so that all pupils can reach their potential, it also provides vital number skills that students can apply to real life situations.

At the end of every week, pupils are tested on these skills through ‘Learn Its’ and ‘CLIC’ Challenges.  As an effective means of formative assessment, pupils are encouraged to look through previous challenges, identify any learning gaps and set their own targets.  Pupils then write their targets on a grid in their contact books and we encourage parents to regularly check their target and work with them at home.

This year we have introduced the Collins Busy Ant Maths as a core scheme across the whole school as it was trialled successfully with Reception and Year 6 last year and provides a sound range of resources to support and extend our children.  However, it is important to stress that no core scheme is flawless and we continue to use a range of other materials, including ICT and kinaesthetic resources to meet the needs of every child.

Summative Assessment in Mathematics at The Junior School will be carried out twice with an assessment at the end of Term One and one in Term Three.  As you are aware from last year, as a result of the National Curriculum Levels being replaced by statements, pupils will be either “Working Towards”, “Meeting” or “Exceeding” the expected standard for their year group.

We continue to maintain very high standards in Mathematics at the Junior School. For the academic year 2016-17, as part of a whole school initiative to further improve teaching and learning, there will be a stronger focus on developing pupils’ Outer Numeracy (problem solving) skills so that they are given opportunities to use their core number skills in real-life contexts.  Pupils will also be encouraged (when possible) to explain their findings and thinking to their peers.

As The Junior School continues to meet new challenges we are committed to maintaining high standards in Mathematics and strive to prepare the children for secondary education and tomorrow’s world of work.

Useful Websites

Below are some useful websites that are used to support the learning of mathematics.

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