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Subjects JS English KS1


The learning and teaching of English in Key Stage 1 and Foundation Stage (Pre-Reception to Year 2) is led by Rebecca Parfitt.


The progressive objectives of the Primary Framework are grouped into the following key areas: sentence structure; punctuation; text structure and organization; creating and shaping tests; word structure and spelling; presentation and handwriting. These areas are taught in discrete lessons and reinforced through cross-curricular links.

For more detailed analysis of the English curriculum please click on the following link


The following table shows the results for the end of Key Stage 1 in Reading Comprehension and Writing (2011). The Year 2 cohort numbered 94 children and the vast majority achieved the level expected – Level 2A or Level 3.

Not Achieved 2% 1%
Level 1 1%
Level 2C 1%
Level 2B 6% 23%
Level 2A 20% 43%
Level 3 72% 31%
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it