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Science Trips and Events

The Faculty of Science at the Senior School is a dynamic Faculty, which offers a wide variety of trips and events aimed at instilling a passion for all things Science.


Year 7 – Akamas Trip

An annual residential trip for all Year 7 students. Field work combines Freshwater & Terrestrial Ecology, enabling students to study the adaptations of the local flora and fauna to their natural habitat.

Year 10/11 – Satellite Control Centre Visit

This trip, offered in 2010, gave our IGCSE Physics students the opportunity to learn about satellites whilst visiting the ground station of Cyprus’ first satellite.

Year 13 – Akamas Trip

An annual residential trip for Y13 students studying Advanced Level Biology. The A2 Biology students carry out field studies on the ecology of a habitat to assess the distribution and abundance of organisms whilst considering the factors influencing distribution and abundance.


Year 8 ‘Science Daze’ Science Fair

This is a fun-filled half day, where Y8 students have the opportunity to not only showcase their year-long hard work to visitors, but to also have their work judged by external Scientists. This annual event sees the Y8 students presenting the results of their Science Investigations, on various topics chosen by the students themselves. Concurrent to the Y8 Syllabus, students learn about the Scientific Method and complete a program of study created and supported by the University of Cyprus’ Learning in Science Group.

School-Wide Scientific Competition

An ever-popular annual event, which sees students competing in a pre-set challenge which tests their Scientific prowess.

Past Competitions include:

  • Flying Machines
  • Bridge Building – a timed challenge using Engino® products
  • Balloon Car Building & Racing
  • Egg-Drop Contest
  • Bridge building using a limited set of given supplies, done during Science Focus Week

Science Focus Week

This is a new initiative introduced that was met with great success.  The week was aimed at Key Stage 3 students, who had the opportunity to take part in a variety of events to learn the Science behind:

  • Chromatography – by making paper butterflies
  • Lava lamps – by building their own
  • The shocking effect of the Van de Graaf generator
  • The strength of straws – by building bridges

Last year the Science Focus week was successfully extended to include Key Stages 4 and 5, and involved House competitions. The week ended with the Year 8 Science Fair and the Year 7 Solar System projects on display in the hall.


After-school clubs provide even more opportunity for students to explore the world of Science. Big Bang Science, introduced a few years ago, was enthusiastically received and may once again be offered for students to participate in. Currently, the faculty provides, on a weekly basis:

  • Booster Science in Year 7
  • Drop-In Help Sessions in A-level Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Drop-In Help Sessions in IGCSE Physics
  • Astronomy Club
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