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Science Leadership and Staff

The Faculty of Science is staffed by 11 Science Specialists and 2 Lab Technicians:

Teacher Name Position / Role
Mrs. K. Iordanou Head of Faculty / Biology Teacher
Ms. I. Joannides Biology Teacher
Mr. D. Shirley Biology Teacher
Dr. I. Stavrou General Science / Biology Teacher
Ms. C. McClintock General Science / Chemistry Teacher
Mrs. G. Papasavva Chemistry Teacher
Ms. E. Votsi General Science / Chemistry Teacher
Mr. P. Anastasiou General Science / Physics Teacher
Ms. F. Hartoutsiou General Science / Physics Teacher
Ms. M. Monou Physics Teacher
Ms. E. Andreou Psychology Teacher / Head of Year 9
Ms. M. Tarapoulouzi Biology / Chemistry Lab Technician
Ms. M. Chrysostomou Physics Lab Technician
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