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Senior School Profile


The Senior School is a small and welcoming not for profit secondary school following the English National Curriculum for students aged 11 to 19.

Our school is academic in nature; we strive to ensure that our students go on to high quality universities in UK, Cyprus, Greece and elsewhere around the world and subsequently enjoy fulfilling professional lives.

We are organised into the following structure;

Key Stage Years Age
Key Stage 3 Years 7 to 9 Age 11(or 12) to 14
Key Stage 4 Years 10 & 11 Age 14 to 16
Key Stage 5 (6th Form) Years 12 & 13 Age 16 to 18 (or 19)

The School has established a track record of ensuring that students reach their potential. We ensure this is the case though high quality teaching, thorough assessment and a framework of student, or pastoral support.

Each student is ‘bench marked’ at the start of each key stage, using assessment materials from the University of Durham;

Key Stage Assessment
Key Stage 3 MIDYIS
Key Stage 4 YELIS
Key Stage 5 (6th Form) ALIS

This gives the student, parents and teachers an indication of that child’s potential within the curriculum. Each student’s progress is then ‘tracked’ through the use of teacher assessments and regular tests. Students and parents are kept informed of progress and any concerns are swiftly flagged up; with the appropriate intervention being agreed and put in place.

This all sounds very formal; additionally, there is a commitment in our School to develop the ‘whole child’ through;

  • Curriculum opportunities such as critical thinking, the ‘Extended Project Qualification (KS5 from 2012) and ‘Learning to Learn’ lessons
  • Emphasis given to traditionally ‘academic’ subjects (Maths, English & Sciences) as well as creative and active subjects (Drama, Art, Music, PE) and modern subjects (Business Studies, Travel & Tourism, Economics)
  • A wide range of enrichment opportunities across the school, such as;
    • Model United Nations
    • Residential Trips
    • European Youth Parliament
    • High quality dramatic & musical productions
    • Participation in competitions & exhibitions
    • Competitive & non-competitive sport
    • Junior Achievement Cyprus Award
    • Duke of Edinburgh Award

Because of the size of our school, the commitment of our staff and warmth and mutual support of our student body, we are able to provide an environment that ensures that every child has the best possible opportunity to reach his or her potential and move on from us to a fulfilled and constructive adult life in our ever changing world.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it