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School History and Structure

The Junior School was established by the British Council in 1944, together with a group of enthusiastic teachers and parents who wanted to set up a school which would be suitable for expatriate children. It was also intended that the School would offer places to local children whose families wished for a British style education which would lead the university entrance in the UK.

With the continuing expansion of the School the decision was taken to extend into secondary education and the Senior School was eventually founded in 2003. Both parts of the School were originally situated next to each other but by 2007 the Senior School had grown so large it was relocated to a separate building 5 minutes drive from the Junior School.

The Junior and Senior School is unique in Cyprus in that it is a not for profit organization. The Board of Governors, made up of 10 members elected from the parent body and one non parent, act as the directors of the School whilst the educational senior management team have responsibility for its day to day running.

Inspiring young people to think and care.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it