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Reception Routines & Expectations

The Daily Routine

Children are supervised in the Reception outdoor learning area from 7:30a.m.-7:50a.m. Parents are encouraged to use this area as a drop of point.

Start time: 7.50am

In the morning children need to put their folder in their tray, put their water bottle into the box in the classroom, and hang their bag on their peg.

Parents/helpers are responsible for filling in dismissal details if there are changes to regular dismissal arrangements.

Registration: 8.00am (NB Children arriving after this time will be marked and recorded as late)
Dismissal: 1.00pm outside the classroom


All children need to keep their school sun hat and an art apron in their school bag.

They also need to bring a snack, a portion of fruit, a bottle of water clearly labelled and a plastic folder daily.

Children are encouraged to bring a healthy snack e.g. a sandwich. Please note that chocolate, sweets and crisps are not allowed.

During ‘Fruit Time’ children should be provided with some fruit, vegetables or a fruit yoghurt to eat.

Birthdays – If you choose to share treats with your child’s class then please make sure that they are individually wrapped in order for the treat to be sent home.

Children need to bring their reading contact book with their reading book and daily planner to school every day. Please encourage your child to read daily, write a brief comment about what your child enjoyed or found challenging and sign the reading contact book.

Absence requests should be made in writing to the Head of Key Stage One.

Please ensure you are on time in the morning and at the end of the day.

Our online Reception Newsletter which comes out every half term gives an outline of our current learning and requests from the Reception year group and team.

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