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Pupil Support JS Learning Support

The Learning Support Department was established in the School in September 2010 in order to give every pupil the opportunity to experience success in learning and to maximise the abilities of all pupils to achieve to their potential. The Junior School recognises the fact that children learn at different paces, in different ways and at different times during their school life.

It is the aim of the School to identify, recognise and try to provide for these diversities in the most appropriate way. The Learning Support Department aspires to provide resources and instructional strategies that best give our students the physical, social, emotional and intellectual support needed to learn.

We work with students throughout KS1 and KS2, on a one to one or small group basis using a variety of approaches; puzzles, games, ICT programmes and alternative resources. We liaise closely with class teachers and develop effective and supportive links with parents.

Mrs. Skarparis is the lead teacher in the Learning Support & EAL Department and is happy to meet with parents. Appointments can be made via the Contact Book or by calling the School Office.

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