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Pupil Support JS Information

A well designed and taught lesson doesn’t guarantee that all children will make progress. We have to be very careful that each child in The Junior School is treated as an individual, whose specific needs are met.

The most routine form of pupil support comes from the class teacher, who builds a relationship with each child in the class that is positive and supportive. However many children, at some point in their school life, will need additional support. This may be for many reasons and take many different forms.

Traditionally there has been stigma attached to a child who needs additional support; it’s useful to know that 20%, that’s one in five, children will need some sort of additional help at one time or another during their school career; it may be due to a difficulty with a new skill or concept, emotional issues somewhere else in the child’s life, a physical issue such as illness or a sensory impairment, or many other reasons.

If you have any concerns about the progress your child is making, or his or her emotional or physical well being, please let the class teacher know.

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