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Pupil Support JS-EAL Support

The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department is a fairly new development in the School. Its role is to provide additional support for the teaching and learning of English language skills, over and above that provided in the classroom. This acknowledges the fact that many children in our School are speaking English as an additional language.

This year it is being run by Mrs. Sue Skarparis and Mrs. Demi Gregory.

The Department was set up to make sure that all students make the best possible progress in their English language skills; this may mean that extra assistance is required for some children to enable them to reach their targets. This could involve working in smaller groups within the classroom, so that children have a better opportunity to talk through the work and be helped and supported. In other cases, especially in Key Stage 1, it could mean some time away from the class; to encourage talking confidently and correctly through games or other practical activities based around the concepts being covered by the class. Speaking is essential before reading and writing can improve.

Mrs Skarparis and Mrs Gregory are based in the EAL room and would be happy to meet parents. Appointments can be made via the Contact Book or by calling the school office.

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