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What you can Do

Many hands, make light work

The Junior School PTA

The secret of a great PTA is excellent organization, good ideas and parent help.

Why help?

  • We need your ideas, energy, and enthusiasm.
  • Ideal opportunity to interact with children, other parents and teachers.
  • Children love it when their parents become more involved with their school. Just ask them.
  • Strengthens the Junior School Community.

In theory, everybody can help. A parent need not be a member of the Committee to help the PTA. There are other ways that parents can help us.

How you can help?

  • Volunteering
    Volunteers are important to ensure variety at events, and to ensure events will continue to be successful as PTA Committees come in and others depart.
  • Donations
    Donations are essential in reducing the expenses used for setting up the 3 main PTA events. The less we receive by way of donations, the more the PTA has to spend as an Association to satisfy the needs of the event. Donation ideas: special prizes for our Raffle Draws, food & drink.
  • Ideas
    Over the past few years, ideas provided by parents have been extremely useful.

The Junior School Parent Teacher Association plays an important role in your child’s life at school. We have the potential of making our School a better place, and create moments that our children will always carry as part of their School memories – the Fireworks Night is a classic reminder of this.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it