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PTA JS-Donations to the School

All income generated from PTA activities is used to benefit the School. Please note a few of the key donations made by the PTA:

Fencing of our school

€11,000 spent for the safety of our children. The whole school was fenced so as to keep the area our children are in for most part of their day, safe.


A total of €7,200 spent for the playground area of the preschool, so that the young members of our society have a place of their own to play in.

 iPad Project and iCT

Last year a new method of learning was introduced in our school using the latest technology of iPads. 24 iPads were bought by the PTA at €11,500 so this project can start.

 Shading in our School

A new colourful tent was put up in the pre-reception/ reception area to enable the children to have a shaded area to play and be educated under. This cost €7,000

 Music in our lives

A new piano was bought for the music department at €900.

Other PTA contributions by way of funding or assistance to the school:

‘The Laptop’ Project

The purchase of a portable IT room comprising of 24 Toshiba laptops & transportation cart. (PTA Donation: €24,000)

‘Interactive Whiteboard’ Project

The purchase of the state of the art ‘Interactive writing boards’ for all Junior School classrooms, something appreciated every day by the teachers and children alike. (PTA Donation: €25,197)

Children’s Playground

The construction of a modern children’s playground, comprising of building work and playground equipment. (PTA Donation: €34,667)

  • Funding of Visits from Overseas educational companies: ‘The STEM Sussex Robotic & Ant weight Group’, Explorer Dome’ and the ‘Metrics Theatre Group’
  • Carnival and Disco Party for Y5 and Y6
  • Outdoor Playground climber for the Pre-Reception area
  • Individual cameras for all Years
  • Official Annual School Photographs
  • Arranging for the Christmas Concerts to be filmed by a professional
  • Arranging for the Official School Photographs to be taken by a professional
  • Provision of refreshments for Cross Country Competition

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