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PTA JS-What We Do

The Junior School Parent Teacher Association is an energetic one.

Yearly Fundraising

The Junior School is a private school, and it is wholly financially dependent on tuition fees provided by the parents. The School receives no government subsidies; therefore, the role of the Junior School Parent and Teachers Association (JS PTA) is even more important in providing additional financial assistance.

Traditionally, the Junior School PTA organises three key annual events:

  • Late October, ‘The Fireworks night’ which celebrates the School’s birthday where parents, friends, relatives and children enjoy an evening of fireworks and food.
  • Late November, ‘The Christmas Bazaar’ which involves a fun day of children’s games organised by both the parents & teachers, rented stalls, food & drink, Raffle Draw, the popular Santa’s Grotto and so much more.
  • Early June, ‘Summer Fun Day’ (formerly known as the Summer Gala) which involves a fun day of outdoor games and food & drink.

The above events generate income. The Committee in conjunction with the School then make decisions as to purchasing equipment or funding projects that ultimately benefit our children.

The Parent’s Voice

We provide another forum for parent’s voices to be heard. The exceptional relationship between the PTA and the School means that the PTA can effectively communicate parent’s concerns and ideas to the School. Other than normal PTA meetings, the Committee also meets with the Principal of the School once a term to communicate parent’s concerns and general matters raised by parents.

Educational Programmes

There are many interesting educational groups based abroad. The PTA does its best to bring such Groups to the Junior School when an appropriate opportunity arises.

Past Groups have included ‘The Matrix Theatre Group’ – historical, ‘The STEM Sussex Group’ – mathematical & science based, and ‘The Explorer Dome’ – science based. Visiting educational groups offer unique experiences to our children that would otherwise be difficult to find locally.

Charitable Social Responsibility

The PTA also assists the School in promoting its social responsibility by contributing to numerous local charities such as the Nicosia Children’s Shelter home, the Paediatric Department at Makarios Hospital, and other charities. This might be in the form of a direct donation or inviting charities to take part at PTA events.

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