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Junior School PTA

To make the Junior School an even greater place for our children
and to strengthen the Junior School Community.

The Junior School PTA

Message from the Junior School PTA Committee (2012-2014)

Dear Parents and Teachers of the Junior School,

The Parents’ Teachers’ Association Committee is an important link in the chain of an effective school, and plays a helpful part in the alliance between the most important people in a child’s life: the parents and the teachers. We wish to continue to nurture the efficient relationship between these two very important role models.

Our aim is to continue to provide a successful and strong support system for this dynamic community and we count on your ongoing cooperation and your valuable involvement to achieve this.

The fundraising events at the school help to contribute materially to the educational equipment and the facilities of the school and this would not be possible without your generosity and your support. Like all organizations, we need constant input from you and would love to hear your ideas.

At this point we would like to say that, every parent and teacher is a member of the PTA and it will give us great pleasure to welcome you to our meetings.

Please be assured of our constant attention at all times.

Best Regards

The Junior School PTA Committee



Contact Details

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact the Committee directly or through the School (via the School Reception Office).

Committee Member Contact Details
Lia Philippou Tel: 99 693204


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