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Pre Reception Curriculum

We believe that learning through play is a key part of the early childhood learning experience. Learning through play is developed through interaction between children, adults and materials . Through quality play activities, the pupils gather valuable information as well as develop important skills. This provides a good foundation for future academic success. Our hands-on approach to learning ensures pupils have the opportunity to experiment, touch, manipulate and interact with their environment.

The themes and ideas we work with are planned in accordance with the Six Early Learning Goals as outlined below.

Six Early Learning Goals

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Pupils will begin to:

  • build up a positive self-concept, leading to independence and confidence
  • learn to respect others and play co-operatively
  • behave appropriately e.g. greet the teachers, please, thank you

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Pupils will begin to:

  • talk about their families
  • talk about the environment they live in
  • talk about people who help us

Communication, Language and Literacy

Pupils will begin to:

  • express themselves with a developing vocabulary and in full sentences (The language spoken in pre-reception is predominately English; however, if a child needs to be spoken to in Greek, we will do so, so that the child feels secure. They will grasp the English language very quickly and after Christmas we will be using Greek less.)
  • develop an interest in books and stories
  • learn songs and rhymes
  • recognise their name and write it
  • learn the sounds through Jolly Phonics

Creative Development

Pupils will begin to:

  • explore colour, texture, shape and space
  • be creative using different media

Numeracy Development

Pupils will begin to:

  • count objects to 10 (no. rhymes)
  • recognise numerals
  • name shapes
  • use descriptive terms: heavy/light, big/small, more/less

Physical Development

Pupils will begin to:

  • move with control and co-ordination: walk, run, jump, crawl, roll
  • develop awareness of own space and that of others
  • demonstrate agility and confident use of outdoor equipment
  • handle crayon, brush, scissors, pencil (correct grip) appropriately
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it