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Our Purpose Objectives

The Purpose of Our School is to provide excellent, innovative and creative education that enables all students to realise their full potential and to enjoy a fulfilled life as confident, compassionate and healthy members of the global community; continuing to learn, and contributing to a better world for all.

The Objectives of Our School

  • Continuous improvement of everything we do
  • The provision of an education that ensures;
    • An excellent, broad and balanced learning experience, following the relevant English National Curricular, with enhanced Greek language curriculum where required; complemented with opportunities to study the culture, environment and history of our Island
    • All students have the opportunity to learn and develop to the best of their ability
    • Students are able to develop characteristics of confidence, compassion, leadership and responsibilitywithin a local, regional and global context
    • Our students are independent learners, who can apply their skills and knowledge in a demanding and ever changing 21st century world
    • A healthy and appropriate range of extra-curricular activitiesto develop specific skills, knowledge and interests in the students
    • Our students have a deep seated love of learning
  • Success through learning is ensured in a safe, well-maintained, happy and stimulating environment
  • Recruit and retain well qualified and experienced staffto fulfil our core purpose and objectives, then continuously professionally developing them
  • Operate the School on a sound financial and legal basis, thus ensuring stability and supporting continuous improvement
  • Observe international standards of governance, thus ensuring effective implementation of the strategic plan within a framework of policies appropriate to the needs of the School
  • Encourage stakeholder involvement in school lifeto create a community that values and shares educational and cultural experiences.
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