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Our Students’ Spy Stories

Year 6 were set a writing task to produce a thrilling spy story focusing on tension building and character portrayal. After planning each paragraph under specific headings; ‘Impossible situation’, ‘Mission and Gadgets’, ‘Capture’, ‘An evil scheme’ and ‘Last minute saviour’ the students gathered language options, phrases and sentence choices including adverbial openers, tension building short sentences, onomatopoeia as well as similes and metaphors. The children have chosen their favourite paragraphs to share with you. The results were amazing as we are sure you’ll agree.

Agent 0007s bullet sped towards the hammer and knocked its head off.
‘Not today Dr Malicious!’ You don’t learn do you?’ Swiftly 0007 glided down the banister and blasted Malicious with the gauntlets. Paralyzed as he was, Dr Malicious lay face down on the magenta marble ground. The shattered pieces were hammered into his face. Blood hurtling down his blemished, blotchy skin and over his bulging, bloodshot eyes, Dr Malicious, fueled by fury managed to get onto his knees and with one hand he tried to shoot Agent 0007 with his laser gun. Skillfully, he tilted his head to the left and the bullet scraped by speeding straight into a wall. Like a silverback gorilla Dr Malicious menacingly swaggered toward 0007. Veins throbbing from his neck and with clenched fists he grabbed Agent 0007 and began to throttle him. Dr. Malicious was smiling through gritted teeth.  By Marios


As quick as a flash, Agent Neo hopped onto her navy blue motorbike, and headed straight for Agent HQ. Cars honking at her, birds hawking in fright. She knew this wouldn’t be an easy task. Suddenly, an idea came to her mind when in front of her, stood a massive cargo truck with a ramp attached to the back. Rapidly, her engines revved and she flew up onto the truck. The enemy bikes were near. As soon as she noticed them she pulled the metal holder of the cargo box and barrels full of who knows what, spilled out of the truck, trapping her enemies underneath. She giggled, then climbed back onto her motorbike and leaped off of the front of the truck, back onto the safety of the highway. She felt a cloud of freedom as the wind rushed through her thick brown hair. A determined grin appeared on her face. She had done it. Another day saved by Agent Neo. By Sophia


Agent Raines, escaping certain death, wandered aimlessly across the dampened grasslands on the outskirts of Colombia’s capital city, Bogota. Incapacitated, with a bullet hole in his stomach, Duncan “Kraken” Raines scolded himself for allowing Ferdinand Echo, the evil mastermind behind what was going to be one of the largest devastations of the world, go free once again. Raines was bleeding out, with possibly a few hours left to live. However, a camouflaged helicopter suddenly appeared out of seemingly nowhere. Confused, Agent Raines unholstered his suppressed M1911 handgun and aimed it at the chopper. By Markos


A sliver of moonlight pierced the dark room and shone in her face. Dr. Pry walked round her laughing privately. His Allies stood around him each holding weapons. It wouldn’t do to mess with them. There she was. Zerelda Pain, the double agent – that’s how they’d caught her.

‘So, you think you can outsmart me, Agent U? That’s funny’ he suddenly turned and became angry. ‘No one outsmarts me’ he whispered, threateningly, pointing a long finger in her face.

‘In my defense’ she said, calmly pushing his finger away ‘I never thought I’d outsmart you, more like…’ He cut her off.

‘Don’t be all clever with me Agent U’ he thundered emphasizing the last two words ‘You’re weak and gullible. Agent Pain was my agent all along, and you never knew’ He laughed again. ‘Sir, should we take him back to headquarters?’ asked a tentative agent who was standing near the back.  ‘That won’t be necessary’ Agent U comforted as she began climbing out of the window.  The ropes that had held her to the chair, cut.  By Kallirroi


The Agent is given ‘The Mission’ ….

While speaking, Maxwell opened a gold titanium alloy safe with a padlock to reveal M0R41’s assigned gadgets. The first gadget was a laser-watch. The watch’s crown was able to shoot lasers that can cut through diamond. The second gadget was a pair of camera-glasses. They were fashionable and recorded everything that you saw. The third gadget was a grappling hook which was extremely self-explanatory. 

“We suspect that Dr. Wick is behind this because of the bird food. Use these gadgets well … and don’t break them!” shrieked Mr. Maxwell 

“His parrot horrifies me,” confessed M0R41. “I hope my tuxedo doesn’t get ripped again. Well, I’m off.” 

While driving his new sports car which was as fast as lightning, Agent M0R41 received more crucial intel about the mission.  

“Dr Wick has one of the biggest crime records around the world.” The emotionless, robotic voice informed him through his earpiece. “His motivations are currently unknown. He is distinguished by his pet parrot Vile and steampunk goggles. The trails of sodium hypochlorite, dry ice, liquid nitrogen and bird food lead specifically to the cargo ship numbered A113. The only way to enter without being detected is through a secret underground tunnel that connects the ship’s lowest dock through the sewage system.” 

“Oh no. First my tuxedo gets ripped and it costs me fifty pounds to get it tailored, and now I need to go through the sewers!” 

Suddenly, the flashy, bright red car’s engines stopped and Agent M0R41 hopped out of his car and entered the grimy sewers.  

“Head straight ahead until you come to your second right and then turn left after you turn right. You should see a metal door connecting it to the cargo ship.” 

The sewage system was filled with disgusting oddities and creatures. It was like a tiny ecosystem. There were abnormally enormous rats and hundreds of dead goldfish inside of the repulsive, dark green water. When the secret agent approached the double metal doors, he noticed that the door was unlocked. The room was pitch-black and nothing could be seen. Out of the blue, a single spotlight shone on Agent M0R41. 

“M0R41, welcome to my hideout,” a menacing voice remarked. 

As the room brightened and another spotlight began to shine, it revealed that the menacing voice belonged to none other than Dr Wick and Vile! The creepy room was filled to the brim with monitors and chemistry sets. 

“Hello! Hello!” squeaked Vile. 

Dr Wick had a hump that was extremely crooked and a lab coat that was as white as a cloud. His steampunk goggles shone like a bar of gold under the spotlight. He had a racoon-like face and a hairless, bald head.  By Cinar


The impossible

Swinging from side-to-side Agent Moxie held on like her life depended on it…because it did. She was watching her life flash before her eyes as the howling wind blew through her hair. The mountain was perilous and freezing, and she held on to the edge as tight as she could. Slowly her fingers were turning numb as she held on in her panicked state.  Fortunately, she made out where her grappling hook was even with her limited vision in the dark.  

‘’Yes, I have got it!’’ Agent Moxie howled.  

She pointed in the direction she wanted to land in then…WOOSH. Agent Moxie safely made it into a small cave on the freezing mountain. Agent Moxie started drifting away from the pain and the drowsiness caused by the cold and stress. Suddenly all was dark… By Danae


“Digglar! Show yourself. Don’t be a wimp!” Agent Jones exclaimed.

“If you say so.” came a whisper from the darkness. It was a sight that creeped into every child’s worst nightmare. Doug Digglar emerged into the light. He was dressed in a black robe. His face looked old yet skeletal. He had a 2 different coloured eyes, 1 blue (that twitched a lot) and 1 green. His nose was sticking out of his head as though he had stuck it there with glue, and it was as if they only thing supporting it from not falling off was the back of his bald head. Worst of all he was wearing black skinny jeans still with the label on! “You don’t think I didn’t expect your arrival did you?” continued Digglar. “My dear, oh how silly of you to not realize… I have spies EVERYWHERE!” he laughed manically, then carried on. “You may have thought you could stop me, but oh, haha NO ONE CAN STOP ME! Since you are about to die there is no reason why I cannot gloat about my beautiful, ingenious plan!”

“I already know your plan, you plan to steal all the candy in the world to bribe people into doing your bidding therefore ruling the world.” explained Jennifer.

“Make like a jacket and zip it agent! Now my plan is far more complex than that basic kiddy joke. I bet you noticed that magnet when you walked in here, the one that is about, wait give me a second.” then he said in a whisper “1 meter is about yay high so times that by a thousand is 10,20,30,40,50….. I GOT IT!” then he went back to his sly voice. “The one that is about a thousand meters high! Well that magnet doesn’t attract metal, no, no, no. No, it attracts candy! Once I activate it with this big red button all of the juicy sweets, biscuits, chocolates, ALL OF IT!” he laughed again “After I have all the worlds candy I will put it through my factory so they will have a special chemical in them that will hypnotize whoever eats or drinks it. HAHAHA and I will use the candy to bribe people into me being in power and once EVERYONE is infected with this luminescent chemical, I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!” Footsteps could be heard from the darkness. And from that emerged…. Julia? The secretary? What is she doing here? these were the thought racing through agent Jones’ head. Then Digglar spoke again “I believe you’ve met my daughter Agent Jones. Julia take her to the B.D.W.P.G.C”

“What’s that?” asked Agent Jones. Julia replied saying “the Big Dump Where People Get Crushed, obviously.” And with that she lifted Agent Jones off the ground and carried her away. Leaving Doug Digglar to celebrate his win. By Elysia


(This scene takes place in Los Angeles)

Agent J landed with her helicopter on a hill near the farmer’s market. She knew that the only way to track them down was to follow them. But there was a problem. She didn’t know who she was looking for because they were in disguise. Dang it! I can’t see any signs that Dr Killjoy is here. What am I going to do…? But then she remembered. As quickly as she possibly could, she clicked on a compartment attached to her hips and a control panel popped out. She scrolled down to find a function called, ‘X-ray vision’. This promptly released x-ray vision glasses on her helmet. Yes! Now she could see who was in disguise. Her eyes widened in shock as she spotted Dr Killjoy selling a drug-filled-melon to a five-year-old. Immediately, she locked the control-panel on her hips and instead she looked at her wrist. She pressed a button called, ‘invisibility’, to turn her invisible, so that she could follow Dr Killjoy. At some point in time, he finally ran out of melons, (and drugs). That was her chance to follow them back to the lair. She was quite surprised because the lair was very far away. It was in the middle of the forest, in a tiny cottage. Once they reached the lair, things started to get more complicated. The lair had a trespassers security and trust me, she had been on a mission to track Dr Killjoy before, so she knew how hard it was to trick him. His technology was on the next level. And so, she had to figure out another way to get past. She decided to try and find a vent to get into. But no, she couldn’t find any. So, she tried to pull a gadget out that she remembered Mr Belinsky told her to use only in emergencies. Unfortunately, she didn’t realise that she pulled out the wrong gadget. Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue…. Oh no… Agent J immediately tried to escape but sadly Dr Killjoy sent his minions, Zon, Con, Bon, Shon, and Don, to examine the area. Alas, she was caught. “Well, well, well, long time no see” Dr Killjoy muttered slowly, and with those words she was tied up and brought down into his lair. By Nicole

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it