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MFL Trips & Events

MFL Educational Trips 

At the Senior School language learning is not just confined to the classroom. The MFL department organises trips to the countries of the languages studied by our students providing opportunities for our pupils to use “real life” resources and develop their confidence and independence whilst gaining an insight into the culture of the country and community they visit.

Throughout the school year we also organise various visits to exhibitions, organisations, theatres, etc. on the island, when there are opportunities to enhance the experience of learning the foreign languages outside the classroom.

Events and after school language activities

Through a wide range of events and activities such as the celebrations of the European day of languages, the international mother tongue day, la Francophonie, dance, theatre, or even culinary competitions our students are encouraged to appreciate and recognise the value of language awareness and cultural diversity. As part of our after-school activities program our various language clubs offer pupils the opportunity to learn further languages like Chinese, Arabic and Italian or enhance their skills in the languages they already study through a variety of activities in a fun environment.


It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it