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The aim of the Modern Foreign Languages department is to make pupils proficient in the use of languages, foster positive attitudes to other languages and cultures and to equip them with language learning skills for study, leisure, or work.

Pupils learn languages through a lively communicative approach, combined with rigorous grammar teaching. They also gain an insight into the culture and history of the language they are studying. All four Language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing are developed through a range of activities. The foreign language is used in lessons as the main form of communication with pupils. Our well-resourced department of audio-visual material, computers, interactive whiteboards, and a wide range of DVDs allows pupils to practice and develop their skills.


The year 7 pupils are offered a choice of four languages in their modern foreign language lessons: French, Spanish, Russian and German. In the early weeks of the autumn term each student will be introduced to all four foreign languages in taster lessons that will take place in form of a carousel system. Upon completion of these taster lessons the pupils will be asked to choose the language they would like to continue with through to KS3 (years 7-9).


The aim and objectives of the International GCSE in Modern Foreign Languages is to enable students to develop the ability to understand and communicate effectively in the target language through the spoken or written word as well as develop knowledge and understanding of the culture of countries and communities where the target language is spoken.

This school year the students in year 10 and 11 will have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the Spanish and French Edexcel IGCSE examination. As of September 2019, our students will be able to study all four foreign languages at a IGCSE Level.


In years 12 and 13 our students can study for the Edexcel International A Level (IAL) exams in French and Spanish.

The aim of the Edexcel International Advanced A Level is to test the foreign language competence through realistic and contextualised tasks based on authentic texts. Speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills are tested through four examination papers. Achievement in this qualification is benchmarked against the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Achievement is broadly equivalent to level B2 of the CEFR.

Additionally to the IALs, we support and encourage our students to participate in the A Level examinations of other languages such as Arabic, Russian or Chinese and we make sure that they receive the necessary support in order for them to be successful.

DELE and DELF examinations

The DELF and DELE diplomas are recognized around the world, are valid for life and they allow our students to have an additional qualification in French and Spanish, which will be very useful to them later in their professional life. We encourage our students to consider taking the first certificate (A1) as early as in Year 8 and the second one (A2) in years 9 or 10. Our students receive after school preparation classes and we are very proud with their excellent results so far.

Additionally to the DELE and DELF examinations, we are very soon going to be adding the examination “Zertifikat A1: Fit in Deutsch 1”, which is suitable for school children up to 16 years of age.

Head of Modern Foreign Languages Department: Ms Anastasia Papanastasiou

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