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Maths Events

The Mathematics Relay

The event takes place every year in January usually at the University of Cyprus.  This is an event where teams from different schools in Cyprus compete in the solution of mathematical problems.

We believe that it gives our students the opportunity to express hidden mathematical talents, to further develop their skills in analytical, critical thinking and team work.

9 students from Key stage 3 three from each year participate in the event. All students who have taken part enjoyed the experience.


The World Maths Day

All Key stage 3 and year 10 students have the opportunity to participate in the ‘World Maths Day’ competition.  Students from the Junior School sometimes, share the experience with us.  It is an exciting event involving around 5.5 million students from over 200 countries which takes place in March and lasts for 48 hours.

Students are matched with other students of similar age and ability in exciting live challenges, working on their computational and number skills and having fun at the same time.  Most of our students complete the event by participating in 50 challenges starting on a computer at school and completing at home. Certificates are awarded to those students who successfully complete all challenges and achieve highest scores.


The Cyprus Maths Olympiad

This event takes place in April, usually, at the University of Cyprus.  The Olympiad consists of a multiple choice answer style paper which lasts for one hour.  Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded at the end of the academic year at a special ceremony.  Students who register for the Olympiad are offered guidance sessions for tackling questions, at set times before the event.  We are proud of all the students who participated and we are delighted that last year some of our students were amongst the highest achievers nationally and were awarded for their high achievement.

We strongly believe that these opportunities (through Mathematics competitions) give our students the chance to express hidden mathematical talents and to further develop their skills in analytical and critical thinking. We hope that in the coming year we will have more students participating and more winners.

End of year games/competitions/presentations

During the last week of the summer term, the Department organises games/competitions/ or presentations to show the practical application of the subject, which take place during Mathematics lessons for students in the same year group.


Mathematics trips

In the last academic year a trip was organised for the year 9 students to the Archimedes Science Centre in Limassol where they enjoyed solving puzzles and learning about Archimedes and his inventions. This is something the New Year 9s can look forward to.

In addition some of the year 8 students will have the opportunity to visit the Mathematics department at the University of Cyprus.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it